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Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Bamboo Matcha Whisk

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The bamboo whisk is the essential accessory for preparing your matcha in the traditional way with warm water, to obtain a deep, rich-tasting beverage and create a creamy froth.

Why use it? The bamboo whisk is the best way to incorporate air into the beverage, considerably enhancing aroma and texture, as well as creating a pleasant froth.

To prolong the life of your whisk and considerably improve the quality of your drinks, we recommend keeping it on the dedicated stand. This preserves the bristles' elasticity, which makes a big difference.

Diameter: 5 cm

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How to use it?

Soak the whisk in lukewarm water for a few minutes before use to soften it (you can place it vertically in the same pan that heats your water).

You'll see the ends of the strands straighten out. Then whisk the matcha in a straight line (on a straight line, we remind you 😄) for 1 minute, until fine froth forms. Now you can enjoy the delicate flavour of your matcha!

For best results, be sure to beat in a straight line, back and forth, rapidly (3-4 back-and-forth strokes per second).

After use, rinse and air-dry the whisk to retain its shape. If you don't have a whisk rest, hold the whisk out of the box until it's dry, with the strands facing upwards.

We advise you to use our whisk holder, whose shape is designed to prolong the life of your whisk and make it easy to store.


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Guarantee and BIO

Our tea is 100% guaranteed, we have absolute confidence in the quality of the products we offer you. Matcha Botanicals is a team of passionate people who have nothing in mind to sell products that we are proud of. These are varieties carefully selected, developed and studied by our producers and with our tea master. The cultivation and manufacturing process is the subject of our full attention, because we are the first consumers of our products, and constantly in search of the best. 💯

As specialists in traditional Japanese Matcha, we exclusively distribute Matcha from equally passionate family farms, all members of the Japan Tea Association, and all producing traditional Japanese Matcha since the 18th century.

Their production methods are on quality standards much higher than that of the "BIO" standards, a simple comparison with a single cup between a "BIO" commercial matcha and those from the plantations that we offer is eloquent!

For our producers, it does not make sense to pay dearly for an ORGANIC label which would guarantee a lower quality than the real quality of their products, while increasing their costs. The production is analyzed regularly to guarantee its quality as strictly as a traditional Organic Matcha. 🌳

Once harvested, the leaves are washed and steamed to freeze their aromas. The steam forms a protective film around the leaf, which allows it to retain its properties. They are then dried in hot air in large nets, and stored. 

Less than 30 days before landing in your cup, the leaves are ground, then shipped by boat and train 🚞 to Europe, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness and an exemplary carbon footprint 🌈. 
By the way, cultivating a tea plant is like planting a young tree every 5 years. 


Our quality containers are as beautiful as they are practical and fully recyclable.

Glass is one of the most recyclable materials available, and the special black glass we use for our containers is no exception.

These containers are so good though that we would recommend you keep them and use them to store your quality spices, cooking mixes, powders, chocolates and any food that may spoil.