Tasting 🏯

Umami: Full, soft.

Texture: "Creamy-cloudy" (particle size <20µm)

Colour: Emerald Green

You will never need milk: the unrivaled sweetness of Matcha Imperial Grade is such that it is particularly well suited to a water-based preparation.
Its very subtle flavor profile is best perceived by receptors in the center and back of your tongue. The umami notes, its roundness and its vegetal freshness will be perfectly restored, remember that when you taste it 😊.

  • For one "Usucha" matcha, ie the most common, you will need 2 g of matcha (half a full teaspoon). Put the powder in a clean, dry bowl and add the same amount of water as the amount of matcha: a few drops will suffice. Using the bamboo whisk, sweep the matcha and water in circular motions along the sides of the bowl to break up lumps and create a thick cream. You can already use the herbal flavors that are released at this point 🤤. Then add 150 ml of water at 70 degrees and continue whisking with the bamboo whisk until you obtain a fine and delicate foam. For this step, it is advisable to whip from left to right very straight and very vigorously, rather than using circular movements.
  • For a koicha (strong and creamy matcha), you will need 4 grams of matcha and 50 ml of water. The procedure is the same as for the usucha.
  • To get water at exactly 70 degrees 💦 mix some cold water with boiling water: 1 part cold water to 2 parts boiling water should give you the perfect temperature.
  • The water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees, otherwise the matcha will develop bitterness. You don't have to boil its valuable nutrients and delicate flavor!
Be careful when transporting an open jar! We advise you to put it in your bag / suitcase very carefully so as not to stir the matcha powder inside the jar. Otherwise, it is likely that the powder will fall into the area between the jar and the lid, then when you open the jar, the powder may spill out, which would be particularly unfortunate.