Tasting 🥝🍓🍉


How to prepare your Pink Matcha Extra-Fresh?

We recommend to prepare this Matcha in "Latte", thanks to our milk frother which will give you an easy, quick and delicious preparation. We do not recommend the traditional water preparation, which because the Latte preparation is smoother! 😊

In particular, we recommend the oat, almond, and coconut 🥥 milks (In that order of preference)

  • You will need 2g of matcha (half a "teaspoon-full" 🥄). Place the powder in a Mug type cup
  • Gradually add 200ml of regular or vegetable milk, beating with the milk frother.
  • Enjoy the delicate flavor. A little honey enhances the flavors!

Use it in your smoothie-bowls: banana, coco-flakes, blueberries! 💖

Add 2g (1/2 teaspoon) of powder to smoothies, granola, raw desserts, yogurts, juice or in latte with vegetable milk.

Enjoy its fruity taste and its breathtaking color!

As our dragon fruit powder is completely natural it can crystallize or agglomerate in lumps, it is a guarantee of quality! If your powder is agglomerated, do not hesitate to use a mixer or a blender for a perfectly homogeneous preparation. You will just have to taste!