Tasting ☘️

  Umami: Rich and sweet

 Texture : Sweet-creamy

 Color : Intense green

How to prepare it?

You don't even need milk. The incomparable sweetness of Matcha Premium de Pousses Extra-Jeunes is such that it lends itself particularly well to a preparation with water. Rediscover your morning ritual.

Its very fine aromatic profile is best highlighted by the receptors in the middle and back of your tongue. The umami notes, its roundness and its vegetal freshness will emerge without any filter, think about it during your tasting. 😊

  • For an "Usucha" matcha, that is to say the most common, you will need 2g of matcha (half a "teaspoon-full"). Place the powder in a clean bowl and dry, then add the same amount of water as the volume of matcha: a few drops are enough. Take your bamboo whisk, and by making circular movements along the sides of the bowl, brush the matcha and water in order to break up the lumps and obtain a thick cream. Take advantage of the vegetal aromas that emerge at this stage 🤤. Then add 150ml of hot water at 70 degrees and continue to beat with your bamboo whisk until the creation of a fine and delicate foam. It is recommended for this stage to beat from left to right in a perfectly straight and very energetic way, and not with circular movements.
  • For a Koïcha (strong and creamy matcha) you will need 4 grams of matcha and 50 ml of water. The procedure is the same as for Usucha.

  • To get water at exactly 70 degrees 💦, mix some cold water with boiling water: 1 part cold water with 2 parts boiling water should give you the perfect temperature. 

  • The water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees, otherwise the matcha will develop bitterness. Its precious nutrients and subtle taste should not be cooked!

Be careful when transporting an open jar! We advise you to put it very carefully in your bag / suitcase so as not to shake the matcha powder inside the jar. Otherwise, it is likely that the powder will fall into the area between the jar and the lid, then when opening the powder may escape, which would be particularly pity.