At Matcha Botanicals, we follow trends closely. So we couldn't miss the now very popular matcha based on dalgon coffee and suddenly we decided to do it!

We need:

50 ml chickpea juice
2 tablespoons of icing sugar or sweetener
2 grams of matcha @matchabotanicals_fr
Plant-based milk with ice for the base 🥛
We had coconut, but vanilla soy milk or banana soy milk can also be great.


You should beat the chickpea juice until a fairly consistent foam forms, then add the icing sugar and continue beating until the sugar is well diluted and the foam is firm.
While continuing to beat, add the matcha powder. The color of your foam should turn a uniform green color.

Take a tall glass, put ice in it, fill half with milk and the other half with your matcha foam!

Here ! 🌿
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