Vous vous endormez dans l'après-midi ? Faites ces trois changements simples pour vous sentir plein d'énergie après le déjeuner.

Vous vous endormez dans l'après-midi ? Faites ces trois changements simples pour vous sentir plein d'énergie après le déjeuner.

Energy crashes in the afternoon can really get in the way of you making the most out of your time–whether that be succeeding in your job, staying on top of your chores or simply feeling like the best version of yourself. Why would you want to drag yourself through the second half of the day? You deserve to feel energised no matter what’s on your schedule.

Thankfully, there are some simple yet effective ways to lift up your energy and help you enjoy the afternoon rather than dread it. After plenty of trial and error attempts to avoid an afternoon slump, here are our three simple swaps that we recommend if you want to feel energised after your lunch.

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1- Reconsider your coffee - try matcha instead

Sure, coffee is delicious but it’s problematic. Instead of savouring the drink, it’s commonly used as a stimulant several times a day. Maybe you’ve noticed yourself that it causes sharp spikes in your energy–this is great for 30 minutes but ultimately, it all comes crashing down which can leave you worse off than before consuming it.

While coffee isn’t bad in moderation, relying on a hit of caffeine several times a day isn’t the best idea for your energy levels as well as your sleep, digestion, and mood. So what can you do? The smartest solution is to swap coffee for matcha.

Matcha provides a gradual release of caffeine thanks to the presence of L-theanine. For a reasonable dose of slow-release energy along with other incredible nutrients like antioxidants, make sure to drink ceremonial-grade matcha. It’s the highest quality you can buy and stands up as a fool-proof way to support your energy and focus. Matcha really is the opposite of coffee with a similar, if not better, impact.

One thing we can’t ignore is how matcha simply doesn’t taste like coffee. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem because you make yourself a tasty latte-style drink, just like how you’d usually enjoy coffee. We recommend trying matcha with frothed coconut milk and if you like your drinks sweetened, stir in a little maple syrup or vanilla.

This recipe will help you get acquainted with the taste but truthfully, because we source high-quality ceremonial grade, the natural taste is clean and sweet compared to what you might have tried from a high street coffee chain. Drink it traditionally with just water (like tea), with milk, or even in a smoothie if you’d prefer. For a deeper taste for coffee lovers, you might be interested in our roasted matcha!

2- Regularly restore your stress levels

While nobody wants to be working every minute of the day, when pressure mounts and deadlines are looming, it can feel like you have no choice. You might get the job done (sparing some quality along the way) but your body starts to suffer when stress levels are consistently high for prolonged periods.

Prolonged stress can cause negative mood changes, sleep issues, poor digestion and other forms of inflammation. It’s clear then that leaving your stress to simmer isn’t going to support your health in both the short and long term. So what choice do you have when you live a demanding life?

Consider taking small breaks between your tasks to give yourself the chance to catch your breath–literally, take a few minutes to take long deep breaths to bring you back to a calmer state. This can be a tricky habit to implement into your schedule since stress is very demanding so any time spent away from the task at hand can feel like a loss. But this is not the case. Moments of mindfulness will be incredibly supportive for your wellbeing. You could begin by setting a reminder each day to take a breather or, better yet, schedule it into your calendar.

Did you know matcha can have a calming effect? To support your stress levels, one of the amazing benefits of L-theanine (which matcha is rich with), is that it contributes to a state of relaxation in the mind and body. To keep yourself calm, you can rely on ceremonial grade matcha for high levels of L-theanine.

3- Review your schedule - rearrange it to your advantage

We all know that feeling when the afternoon rolls around and you have the most tedious tasks left to do. Of course, you'll be able to avoid these intense crashes after lunch with these simple swaps but it’s also important to consider when you naturally feel the most focused and motivated.

Not everyone is the same so if, for example, you naturally have the most energy in the morning, then it might be a good idea to review your schedule and check whether it’s aligned accordingly. Can you ensure that the most challenging tasks are addressed when your focus and motivation are higher? Perhaps you could save the ‘quick tick’ easier jobs for when you have less to give.

Let’s be honest, sometimes your day is simply filled with tasks that require 100% of your time and energy. In those moments, we recommend rolling up your sleeves and whisking up a cup of matcha to see you through the day. Feel an uplift in energy all while taking in long-lasting health benefits.

You deserve to feel energised no matter what’s on your schedule

Life tends to be busy and the afternoon slumps sure aren’t helpful. But no matter what’s on your to-do list each day, you deserve to feel energised. While coffee might be your typical helping hand, it’s important to consider whether you’re doing more harm than good. So if you do make the simple swap to matcha, you may even notice that not only are your energy levels more sustained, but you feel calmer when approaching those post-lunch activities!

Other swaps to consider include ditching the false trap of stress and instead taking mindful moments throughout your day to regulate your nervous system. Also, to avoid swimming upstream in the afternoon, review your schedule and check whether it's aligned with your natural energy levels. These are small habit changes that can help you feel energised throughout the entire day and when paired with ceremonial grade matcha, you’ll be on your way to a healthier working life with fewer post-lunch slumps.
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