Pourquoi notre Matcha et pas un autre ?

Why our Matcha and not another?

The Recipe for Excellence at Matcha Botanicals

The journey of our Matcha Botanicals matcha begins long before it reaches your cup, rooted in meticulous cultivation and centuries-old techniques. The superior quality of matcha is based on several key factors:

  1. Soil Quality : The quality of matcha is also influenced by the soil where it grows. Our tea plants benefit from exceptional Kyoto soils, rich and full of nutrients, optimizing the flavor and nutritional value of the tea.
  2. Shaded Glow : Our matcha begins its journey with tea plants carefully protected from the sun, a method called shading, promoting tender, chlorophyll-rich leaves full of flavor and nutrients.
  3. Perfect Harvest : The best matcha, or Ceremonial Grade, comes from the youngest and tender leaves. At Matcha Botanicals, we harvest exclusively in early May, during the first and highest quality harvest of the year.
  4. Stone Milling : Selected leaves are ground into a fine powder by stone mills, a process that preserves flavor and aroma, and ensures a silky texture.
  5. Origin Matters : The flavor profile of matcha is influenced by its region of production. Our matchas come from renowned regions of Japan, such as Uji and Yame, famous for their specific climate and soil conditions.

Recognize Quality

Here's how to distinguish high-quality matcha:

  1. Color of Excellence : A vibrant emerald green indicates premium matcha, a sign of freshness and rich chlorophyll.
  2. Delicious Aroma : An exceptional matcha gives off a fresh, herbaceous aroma. Avoid matchas that smell stale or musty.
  3. Tempting Texture : Premium matcha is fine and velvety to the touch, promising a luxurious mouthfeel experience.

Navigate between Grades

There are different grades of matcha, each corresponding to specific tastes and uses:

  1. Ceremonial Grade (Good to know: all our Matchas are Ceremonial Grade!!):
    • Used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, characterized by its bright green color and delicate taste.
  2. Premium grade :
    • Also from high quality leaves, but slightly less young than the ceremonial grade, ideal for daily consumption.
  3. Culinary Grade :
    • Comes from more mature leaves, perfect for culinary recipes.

But how to store your matcha?

Conservation Tips :

  • Airtight Container : Store your matcha in an airtight container to protect it from oxidation.
  • Cool, Dark Place : Keep your matcha away from direct light and heat to preserve its freshness.
  • Refrigeration : Refrigerating it can extend its life, especially in hot climates.
  • Minimal Exposure : Open container only when necessary to reduce exposure to air and moisture.

Conclusion: Ready, Whisk, Enjoy!

Armed with the knowledge of what makes matcha exceptional, set out to explore! Whether you're preparing a bowl of ceremonial tranquility or adding a touch of culinary creativity to your cooking, each sip is a celebration of matcha's rich heritage and incomparable quality. Health to kindness

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