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A constant source of energy

Matcha is a kind of high quality Japanese green tea, very finely ground, that energizes all day without nervousness, unlike coffee. 

The caffeine in matcha is absorbed more slowly due to the presence of L-theanine. Matcha will give you enough energy for the whole day, which is important to maintain concentration at work, during sports, spiritual and intellectual activities.

61% of Matcha Botanicals customers drink matcha every day, and 50% drink a matcha every morning!

A healthy alternative to coffee

Matcha Botanicals contains 100 times more epigallocatechin (a more powerful antioxidant than vitamins C and E) than any other tea, because the tea leaves are harvested very young during the first ten of May and then the first ten of June. . They therefore contain a high concentration of chlorophyll.

77% of Matcha Botanicals consumers say they "always keep tabs on what they're eating." and that they favor foods that are healthy for the body. 

Why choose Matcha Botanicals matcha?

Our matcha is produced to the highest quality standards and is the only fresh matcha sold in France or Switzerland. Yet this is a crucial criterion in Japan.

Weekly deliveries from our matcha studio in Kyoto, Japan ensure the tea's freshness, bright green color, and the delicate taste of matcha.

71% of our regular customers come back "For the unique taste and incomparable quality of Matcha Botanicals matcha"